Birth of Two Green Peas

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After contemplating this post for …hmm…approximately 24 hours… have decided to just sit down and write it.    Having talked about starting a blog for what feels like ages it’s a bit overwhelming to actually do it!

TwoGreenPeas will be a vegan food blog dedicated to healthy (but indulgent!) easy recipes.  The blog name is representative of our relationship (two peas in a pod) and our love of healthy (green) food.   My boyfriend (“Mr. Pea”) and I are a young professional couple living in Toronto and have recently transitioned to a plant-based diet.   Our favorite recipes are those with lots of flavor and that elicit a response that sounds something like:  “I can’t believe that’s vegan!”

We both come from families where meat and dairy were always at the center of the lunch and dinner plates and “vegan” was a foreign word that sparked images of hipsters and fake meat substitutes.    After my father suffered a severe stroke two years ago I started to read everything I could about disease prevention and how to stay healthy.  I discovered that overwhelmingly the most important (and easiest) things you can do for your health are to exercise and eat a whole foods plant-based diet.    I started gradually cutting meat and dairy products out of my life.  I was drinking black coffee, ordering vegetarian menu items and experimenting with vegan recipes.    Cooking (which used to literally scare me) became an adventure and something I could share with Mr. Pea (who was previously the main chef of our pea pod).    Although skeptical at first,  he was soon commenting how light he felt after our vegan meals and how vegan food could also simultaneously be just really good food.    We  now often spend time together in the kitchen creating vegan recipes and are excited to start sharing these recipes with you!

Come back soon for our first recipe post 🙂


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